Norwegian Getaway Eastern Dailies

This new set of Norwegian Getaway Eastern Dailies was given to me by the cruise boys. They should help you in planning your upcoming cruise vacation. To read my full review of her sister ship the Norwegian Breakaway click here. Here you will find all the information you need to plan your cruise. Restaurant and bar […]

Harmony of the Seas ongoing Construction

RCCL posted a few pictures of the construction process of Harmony of the Seas. I think a few of them are a little dated, so I am not quite sure how much further the project is since they took these photos. Either way everything is going smoothly from what we can see. I am growing […]

Harmony of the Seas Water slides

We have new renderings of the water slides that will be aboard the Harmony of the Seas. I cannot wait to try them out. I always thought that this was exactly what was missing aboard the Oasis class ships. Now they are complete! The view from up there must be magnificent!

Harmony Getting Closer to Completion

Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas gets her last block.

Harmony of the Seas Construction Pictures

The construction of Royal Caribbeans’s Harmony of the Seas is well underway. Here are a few photographs of the process. I can’t wait for this ship to be delivered to my home town! Photo courtesy of  Quémard Cyrille  

Best Sail Away Spots!

Sail away is one of the most exciting experiences out of any cruise. It is the moment when your vacation has officially started, and you are on your way to create some joyful family memories. Where you decide to experience the sail away depends on your personal tastes. Do you want to be where the […]

Norwegian Bans Takeout Food

Norwegian cruise line has decided to ban all the takeaway food from their restaurants, main dining room and buffet areas. This announced comes out right after they announced that a cost $7.95 would be charged for most of the room service deliveries. It seems if you enjoy eating in your room now things are going […]

Best Remedies For Seasickness

Before I started cruising I had many excuses not go on one, but my strongest argument was that I get nauseous easily. That reasoning stand, I do get nauseous easy, while riding on cars, planes, roller coasters etc. However, I have yet to get sick on a cruise ship. That is quite surprising, especially when […]

7 Reason To love Cruising!

While talking with some friends yesterday, I got into a brief discussion over my addiction to cruising. It seems that many of the people that I talk to, have the notion that cruising is just for a select few who just enjoy doing nothing. Yet again I found myself explaining what cruising means to me, […]

Norwegian’s $7.95 Fleetwide Room Service charge. Now what?

So Norwegian decided to roll out the $7.95 fee for room service delivery fleet wide. Now what? Well, to be quite honest with you this does not affect me in particular at the very least. I rarely use room service, mainly because of my lack of patience and the notion that I might not hear the […]