NYK Selling Crystal Cruises to Genting

NYK has entered an agreement to sell Crystal Cruises to the Asian hospitality giant company Genting (GHK). The acquisition is expected to close in the second quarter of 2015, for a total of $550 million in cash. Getting already owns Star Cruises, a major Asian cruise line and 28 percent of NCL Holdings which owns Norwegian Cruise […]

Thomson Cruises to Lease Splendour of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. has announced that they will sell Splendour of the Seas to TUI cruises. The purchase was made possible as a result of the Royal Caribbean Cruises and TUI cruises merge. The ship will be then leased to Thomson Cruises under a new name. The ship will continue to operate for Royal Caribbean International until summer […]

NCL needs an extra $4 a day from you

I have to admit that I felt a little concerned when Kevin Sheehan left NCL. He represented Norwegian remarkably, and was well liked by many of us. He was replaced by Frank Del Rio, who also has a history in the cruise industry. As co-founder of Oceania cruises, and later on becoming the CEO of the company. […]

Passenger found dead on Disney Castaway Cay

Police are investigating what appears to be a drowning of a Disney cruise ship passenger on Castaway Cay. According to the report, a 38 year old New York man drowned while swimming, although this is not yet confirmed. The  incident occurred around 4 pm local time, the police added that an autopsy will be performed […]

Viking Cruises to Cruise on the Missisippi River

Viking Cruises Ltd has announced that it will establish their first North American homeport in New Orleans. This all in an attempt to capitalize the fast growing interest in smaller river cruises. The company is already well known around Europe, Russia, Asia and Egypt with over 50 vessels that operate in multiple countries. The plan […]

How to Communicate on a Cruise

Are you wondering how to communicate on a cruise? This is something that all cruisers have asked themselves at one point or another. There are several ways to communicate with others while you’re on a cruise vacation. This is especially important for parents with young children to help them keep track of their whereabouts. Here […]

Best things to do in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is a very popular and attractive port for Western Caribbean cruises, and the is so much to do in Grand Cayman that this port should make everyone happy. So much so, that is common to see 7 ships some days calling that port. With so many ships on port on some days it is […]

My Camera Equipment

My Main Camera What camera do I have, you ask? Well, I am a proud owner of one of the Sony NEX systems, more precisely the Sony NEX-F3. This camera is possibly the most affordable camera on the NEX lineup, yet she still has the same sensor as some of its more expensive siblings (the NEX-F3 […]

Celebrity Silhouette Review Ch 26

My mom came back to the room, and we both got ready for our last dinner aboard the Celebrity Silhouette. Let me start by saying that I was very skeptical about Murano would be too stuffy for us. While I completely adore amazing food, I am not a fan of upscale restaurants for all the extra stuffiness that […]

Celebrity Silhouette Review Ch 25

We left the Celebrity Silhouette solarium for a minute because Gambee had some shopping to do, I know right ships do crazy things to you. And what did I wanted to buy, well I needed to buy some rum cake for my bf’s grandmother. And more important than that I had been eyeing something that […]