Celebrity Silhouette Review Ch 24

Day 7 The last day on the Celebrity Silhouette had a special tone for us, sort of like we know that the cruise will soon be over, and we have to make the most out that last day. I have also noticed that I started a new tradition for us, I like leaving the restaurant that I […]

Celebrity Silhouette Review Ch 23

Ok lets see Qsine aboard the Celebrity Silhouette, I had been looking forward for this restaurant for a long time. As the tech geek that I am this is one experience that I did not feel like missing. Let me try to go through the basics first. You enter the restaurant, and you’re given an […]

Celebrity Silhouette Review Ch 22

Once back in the Celebrity Silhouette I decided it would be a good time to get some pictures of the restaurants, since they would be empty. So we took a short trip to that area. Michaels Club, Very nice venue, this is where the cruise critic event was held at. Murano was our favorite restaurant! For both […]

Celebrity Silhouette Review Ch 21

Odd picture of the Celebrity Silhouette, but I love it. There are Labadee signs everywhere in Labadee :D. Celebrity Silhouette docked in Labadee under some bad weather… Now let me stop and tell you the plans that we had for today. Originally we wanted to go Columbus beach and try the other side of the […]

Celebrity Silhouette Review Ch 20

Day 6 We slept pretty good that night on the Celebrity Silhouette, the idea of leaving the door slightly open really helped me rock myself to sleep. As usual I woke up and turned on the TV to check on the stats for the day. Well that’s not good, strong winds and low temperature once […]

Celebrity Silhouette Review Ch 19

Back in port we just decided to head up to the Celebrity Silhouette and get changed. We were back in the Celebrity Silhouette by 3:40, I tried logging into the internet but it was down again. The internet was very frustrating during the entire voyage, I wonder if it is an X problem or just this particular […]

Hilton Rose Hall Jamaica

Continuing with my Hilton Rose Hall Jamaica Review. Obviously a deserted beach, it would get a little more action later on. There are several activities in the Hilton Rose Hall Jamaica for all ages. Entrance to the outside restrooms in the Hilton Rose Hall Jamaica.   That is the sports pool and the entrance to the lazy river […]

Hilton Rose Hall Jamaica

Day 5 Chapter 17 focuses one Hilton Rose Hall Jamaica. Well lets go straight to the point, for those of you who are not aware by now this is not Gambee’s favorite port. Why? Well I am gay and visiting possibly the most homophobic country on the western hemisphere is not top on my list. On […]

Celebrity Silhouette Review

Chapter 16, continuing with my Celebrity Silhouette story. Soon enough it was for sail away this one was probably the most bland one from any port. I also think that my mom went to mass during that time, but I might be mixing days, I am not sure. Soon after we decided to go for another […]

Celebrity Silhouette Review

Chapter 15, continues on more on the Celebrity Silhouette Spa and Gym. We then crossed the street and got into a little bus again, the driver was hilarious we loved her. We had to do a few stops on the way back and also drop off some folks in Hell. It was so funny because the […]